Learn Spanish online

How can Spkinspanish help you improve your Spanish?

The Spanish course at SpkinSpanish.com will give you the tools to speak safely and fluently in Spanish. 

  • If you don't have anyone to speak Spanish, we can help you.
  • If you are looking for exciting lessons that use real-life Spanish, we can help you.
  •  If you are ready to challenge yourself to speak in Spanish about interesting topics, we can help you.

Spanish as a second language

Over the years, we have identified three main problems for Spanish students.

Boring materials, ineffective learning methods and lack of time to attend class.

 For this reason, we want you to know our methodology that focuses on improving your listening and speaking skills while enjoying entertaining and inspiring stories.

We really want you to be passionate about learning Spanish and in order for you to do so, we create lessons with entertaining and interesting topics that make you think deeply.

How can I motivate myself to learn Spanish?

Once you have decided to improve your Spanish you will realize how quickly your confidence will increase. Your progress will provide enough motivation to continue learning.

A new language helps to understand other people and see the world with different eyes. It can allow you to live, work or study in other countries.


Have fun learning and practicing with real stories.

You will find the text and the narration in different speeds.

You will not become fluent in studying rules. You must practice speaking and listening, just click on the title.