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SPANISH HACKS vocabulary is a tool designed to boost your Spanish acquisition, using the well-known and effective flashcards to present the new vocabulary as a comprehensive input for those who are learning Spanish. 

Here you will find the basic vocabulary you need to know to be successful in DELE tests, at levels A1 through B2. Also, this book is organized by themes, on flashcards with a maximum of 18 words so as not to stress your brain with too many words. 

With the help of our flashcards, you will master more than 1500 words and with them, you can create more than 30 thousand phrases of daily use.

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How can I increase my Spanish vocabulary? And how can I get it faster? Spanish Hacks is the answer to these questions.

One of the main reasons why we feel frustrated when we are learning a language is the lack of vocabulary to express our ideas and thoughts.

Quickly acquiring large amounts of vocabulary can be a huge challenge if you use a bad method, but it can be very easy if you use cognates, look at these words: legal (Eng.) and legal (Spa.), both mean the same, or these: visionary (Eng.) and visionario (Spa.) their writing is very similar and its meaning is the same.

Spanish Hacks has 1000 words with these characteristics organized as flashcards, waiting for you to take your Spanish to a pro level.

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Las 200 palabras más utilizadas del español según la RAE 

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A continuación, encontrarás un resumen de los tiempos del Español, con ejemplos de su uso y una muestra con los 20 verbos más comunes, para que puedas guiarte en su utilización.

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The SpkinSpanish ebook will give you the 5 steps you must take to achieve the fluency you want.